The Winner's Toolbox course takes the lessons from The Winner's Toolbox book to a very personal and in-depth level that will help you create success, sustain high performance, and achieve the life you desire! 

In this course, you will learn from Pete Kunk, a highly experienced and credentialed coach who has taught its principles and practices for over two decades - and who has lived them long enough to prove their value. 

You will also learn from Ryan Kunk, the author of The Winner's Toolbox book, who has used these same principles and practices to fight through seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live a life that many deemed impossible.

If you are looking to build a rock-solid life that has meaning and value, the Winner's Toolbox course has the blueprint and the tools for you!

What others are saying about The Winner's Toolbox

Inspired. Motivated. Driven. The key ingredients that make up Ryan Kunk! He is an individual who inspires, motivates and drives others to be their best selves, live their best lives and achieve their potential. As a client of Ryan's for many years, he has always been there to encourage me through plateaus, pushes me to say 'what's next', and cheers me on to strive for the unattainable. Through his own experiences and application of the tools he swears and lives by, I trusted Ryan, his guidance and the tools. Through my own application of The Winner's Toolbox, I have been able to transform my own life and become the woman I never thought I could be! For that, I will always be grateful! - Kristen K.

The Winner's Toolbox is a collection of tried and true methods to make yourself better. Like any good carpenter, Ryan brings an assortment of different tools to get the job done, but keeps it simple and doesn't ask you to put anything in the box that you don't need. As a mentor and coach, Ryan has always helped me keep it simple and prioritized achievement over activity as you strive to accomplish clear goals. The Winner's Toolbox can help you do the same. - Neil S.

The Winner's Toolbox is finally here! The much anticipated read we all have waited for! This book will not only light up your inner desire it will give you the tools to stay on track. It's a great "check in" manual to make sure you are reaching your full potential. If you feel a little empty or not reaching your 100% state- I encourage you to pick it up. It's exciting to know what you are capable of! - Meg K.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

44 Videos
32 PDFs
5 Audios

Ryan  Kunk
Ryan Kunk

Course Instructors

Ryan C. Kunk is an entrepreneur, author, coach and personal trainer with a love for teaching eager individuals to achieve unfailing strength—internally and externally. Ryan doesn’t just teach these proven principles, practices, and techniques for lifestyle change, he has lived them despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

As told by his father, Peter Kunk, in the foreword to The Winner’s Toolbox:

"I have had a front row seat watching a young man passionately pursue his big dreams, play and excel as an athlete, and most importantly, develop the mental strength, resilience, and faith that would allow him to beat cancer and a life-threatening, debilitating virus. I know you will enjoy this inspiring story, and I have no doubt you will find the tools you need to reach your full potential as an athlete, leader, or student."

Ryan has never worked in the corporate sector, instead focusing for a decade on his passion: launching several successful businesses and forming the KSM Sports and Fitness brand. KSM Sports and Fitness is an all-encompassing fitness community that offers in-person and online training, a fully-equipped indoor facility which opens in 2018 and innovations like The Perfect Posture Pack for helping to reverse and prevent back pain. By founding KSM Sports and Fitness, Ryan created a boundary-less community for determined individuals, ready to make Lifestyle Change 4 a Lifetime in fitness and in other areas of life.

This lifestyle perspective is what sets Ryan and his team apart from other trainers.

In addition to personal and athletic training and coaching, KSM Sports and Fitness offers specialized support for individuals dealing with issues such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Autism. The KSM Sports and Fitness Indoor Facility will provide a welcoming, supportive environment for KSM Sports and Fitness athletes and the Powell Community to create Lifestyle Change 4 a Lifetime!

Pete Kunk
Pete Kunk

Pete Kunk is a competitor, shaped by sports and a life-long pursuit of leadership excellence.

He grew up in Springfield, Ohio, and attended the University of Kentucky on a football scholarship.

His spirit of excellence carried over from the ball field to the business world, where Pete honed his leadership development and team-building skills over a thirty-year period, while teaching, coaching, and consulting for the Dale Carnegie Corporation and working with Fortune 500 Companies. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Franklin University / School of Business.

And then, as Pete tells it, “A BUILT TO LEAD shaped brick to the head” turned him from thirty professional years in business, to doing a work of passion.

He went on to coach on the BUILT TO LEAD team of "Builders,” experienced leaders of large organizations who transform mediocre or 'good' performance into sustainable high performance in work and life.

On a personal level, Pete’s determination and disciplined fitness practices carried him through multiple surgeries over a span of forty years. Through those experiences, Pete learned a great deal about pain, and the importance of fitness, rehabilitation, and personal well-being. His desire is to help others lead an active, fulfilling, and purposeful life, just as he strives to do every day.

His newest venture, with KSM Sports and Fitness, is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, combined with two of his greatest passions: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and PHYSICAL FITNESS. It is done in partnership with an even greater passion: his family, and his son, Ryan, in particular.

Pete is a Certified Personal Trainer and is also certified through Ohio Health to teach the “Delay the Disease” program, which is recognized nationally. In addition, he is a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Practitioner of Positive Psychology.

Through his lifelong experiences and learning, Pete is highly qualified to offer his knowledge to help individuals with the physical and mental challenges that occur with age.

Pete has been married to his wife, Chris, since 1975. Together, they have two grown children, Meg and Ryan; a wonderful daughter-in-law, Nicole; and a beloved grandson, Ryan. They have made Columbus, Ohio, their home for over forty years.

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